We put great emphasis on the quality that´s why the constant increase of quality of our work and products is one of our goals. / because it is one of our goals constantly improve the quality. Logaritma adheres to the ISO/TS 16949 norm and we received CCC certification for China´s market in 2016. Currently, the company is certified by companies DNV and T-Cert for the following norms:

  • ISO 9001 Management system certificate
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management system
  • OHSAS 18801 System of management of safety and protection of health at work


thumbnail of 00_ccc_certificate_1el-1549_2016011109884290 thumbnail of 01_dnv-gl_-_certifikat_systemu_rizeni_iso_9001 thumbnail of 02_dnv-gl_-_priloha_k_certifikatu thumbnail of 03_t_cert_system_environmentalniho_managementu thumbnail of 04_t_cert_system_rizeni_bezpecnosti_a_ochrany_zdravi_pri_praci thumbnail of 05_t_cert_integrovany_system_rizeni thumbnail of 06_t_cert_priloha_k_certifikatu

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