Profile of the company

Currently, our main production programme is the assembly of the headlamps for the automotive industry. We gradually strive to extend our manufacturing activity into other areas and become the powerful and stable supplier to both our and the foreign market.

We provide complete services from the assembly simple spare parts to complete product. We have our own logistics department so we are able to provide the transport.

The determination to reliably meet the requirements of our customers and the ability to respond flexibly to their needs are an important part of our corporate vision. We want to develop, streamline the business activities and we are ready to invest further.

Currently, we employ about 200 employees on different positions, in production as well as technical and we ship about 220 000 headlamps per year.

The second production program of the company is focused on the energy industry. It is production of special NN switchboards for company ABB. The company Logaritma uses spare production facilities in Mohelnice to produce switchboards.

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