2008 – founding of the company KERN Mohelnice a.s.
2009 – beggining of the assembly of parts for the automotive industry
2010 – the assembly of the first complete headlamp
2011 – the certification by ISO norms
2012 – the building of the new administrative, production and stock hall in Moravičany
2013 – the development of the company, increase of the human capacity and resources
2014 – the relocation of the BMW project to company Logaritma a.s.
2015 – the purchase of the commercial premises in Rýmařov and establishment of the new production plant

The history of the company called Logaritma is very rich and dates to the period of the Second World War. The company Logaritma which specialized into the manufacturing of slide rules was founded by Mr. Jaroslav Šincl after this period. However, during 50s the activity of the company was forcibly terminated.

The company KERN Mohelnice a.s. was founded by Mr. Petr Kuba in 2008. This company specialized in the assembly of small parts for automotive industry. The company started it´s business in the premises of the company Logaritma which belonged to Mr. Jaroslav Šincl. Mainly for this reason and for the mutual consent between Mr. Petr Kuba and Mr. Jaroslav Šincl the company KERN Mohelnice a.s. was renamed to Logaritma and the production programme remained the same.

Over the years thanks to the high quality and progress the company expanded. It was necessary to look for new manufacturing facilities because the existing ones weren´t sufficient.

In 2011 the company bought a former factory of Mr. Kratochvíl in village called Moravičany. In this factory the wooden toothpicks, pins and hooves for Baťa factory were originally produced. Thanks to the subsidy of EU the old dilapidated building was reconstructed into a modern production plant with its own warehouse and logistic department.

Over a short period of time the company became reliable enough to start assembling more complex units which adhere to strict decorative assessment. Being able to follow the highest standards the company was entrusted with assembling complete headlamps and subassemblies in mass production.

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